About the Client

Sizdev specializes in developing software products for large and small companies in the international market with a focus on eliminating obstacles and preventing problems through in-house methodologies and techniques. The client’s infrastructure is hosted by a third-party cloud provider.

Client Requirements

Sizdev approached ITGLOBAL.COM with the task of updating the company’s corporate DevOps practices, including CI\\CD and environment monitoring in applied projects, and creating pre-configured mechanisms for the deployment of necessary environments in an automatic mode. The Sizdev team considered outsourcing as a means to expand their DevOps expertise and turned to ITGLOBAL.COM to provide an expert solution.

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The challenge of moving development tasks to a third-party cloud operator requires a skilled professional solution. To meet the client’s requirements, our team offered Sizdev a service package built around a managed DevOps=DevOps bridge, Managed Kubernetes, and monitoring to allow DevOps engineers to solve tasks related to the deployment of productive cluster Kubernetes, implementation of monitoring and logging, automation of assembly, deployment, delivery, and monitoring of client applications



Installation of this package of new services for Sizdev was accomplished within one month, after which ITGLOBAL.COM launched the Kubernetes cluster, ensuring the configuration of infrastructure monitoring and deployment of the automated client application in accordance with best practices.



Sizdev and ITGLOBAL.COM have continued to operate together effectively since January of 2022. Since the installation, monitoring of all systems and services, as well as maintenance of client infrastructure have continued to proceed with all systems normal.

Client Results

The solutions implemented by ITGLOBAL.COM have allowed Sizdev to simplify its software development process. Thanks to the introduction of corporate DevOps practices, including CI\\CD, Sizdev was able to automate a large number of processes and development mechanisms.


ITGLOBAL.COM is a global IT integrator and service provider with unique experience implementing IT infrastructure projects and developing special solutions since 2008. Hundreds of customers from the US, Europe, CIS, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa trust our expertise and experience.

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